23. 3. 2008 - I bought a webcam and started to make less or more sophisticated animations that I publish on my youtube account I also have a facebook account (as Yvette de Babraque) and, most importantly, I have a radio show on - learn more about it at

16. 12. 2007 - It's been more than one year since the last update. People, I need support!!! What about leaving a message in the Cafe once in a while or in Joyful University ? I need a little motivation in order to run this webpage. Plus, with no support and no people dedicated to fight or, at least, jump for joy, people will steal my joyful ideas just like it happened in the case of the Cafe. Look for evidence and compare with this: (That's what I get for being a top fan of Japanese DJs on

10. 12. 2006 Joyful Universityhas been established

4. 12. 2006 - The first article in scientific journal The Gay Science Quarterly: Babraque's Wager- first published on my myspace blog, now new and improved!

26. 11. 2006 - The Joyful Place has a new intro; I've added a link to my experimental edit of a piece of music to the "Music" section in the Cafe; and I started to write the latest news on the top of this page.

4. 11. 2006- Short party report of the INstylation of OUThorities here.

23. 8. 2006 - Here.Adéla's Exhibition. here.

28. 7. 2006- First birthday of the Joyful Place - Except for great sales on the colection of buttons, I plan other exciting stuff, including Adela's exhibition, new games, trnaslation of the few remaining pages and so on. Please, stay in touch!!! Pictures from the Joyful Place's little birthday celebration to be seen here.

28. 7. 2005- Birth of the Joyful Place

14. 4. - 17. 4. 2006Birth of the English Version!!! Please, excuse me for not completing all the sections. I will try to do that as soon as possible.

18. 4. 2006 - I have created this super official Babraque website that you are welcome to visit: I will work on it very very hard because I even have to pay for it - so no more fun, amigos, I'm going to get serious! If you think that you are becoming my fan already, I'm sure you'd like to know about all the places where you can find me. Well, here is my myspace account:, you are also very welcome to visit Cryptouthority's myspace account at you're getting really crazy and you don't even care about understanding the language that I use for writing as long as it's me, visit this serious blog called The Board for Political Discussion where my friends and I publish some things: You can find all these links On the Orbit which I have updated.

18. 4. 2006 - Translation of the remaining texts seems to be harder than I thought, please excuse me, but it may take a while before I manage to do it. The links that do not work are: MENU in the Joyful Cafe and Press Release in the Discoveries section. Another link that doesn't work well is the link in the RELAX section - when you have relaxed enough, don't click on the icon at the bottom right corner because that will get you to the Czech version of the Joyful Cafe and I'm sure, you don't want such a stressful thing happen to you after good relax. Also, the buttons in the Joyful Cafe that say "pay" and "leave without paying" are not links - in order to understand why they are there, you have to have a new version of Flash player and sounds turned on!

27. 4. 2006 New sections and new articles are up! Look at the DISCOVERIES section for a new diseaseand to MY BIG MOUTH section for a new section (BABY, THIS IS SERIOUS) and learn to play the Pigeon puzzle! Also, don't forget to check for Party invitation and please, look at my myspaceprofile once in a while!

2. 6. 2006

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